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Brandon Bellew

‘Twas The Season: A Gift Or Not A Gift

As the season of giving has passed, we are reminded that all seasons must come to an end. The other, less generous seasons usually include litigation related to interests in property that are claimed to have been acquired by gift. […]

Brandon Bellew

Homestead, You May Own It But That Does Not Mean You Control It

Individuals commonly believe that if they own a piece of real property then they can sell it when they want, transfer it to whomever they want, or devise it through their estate planning documents however they choose. But that is […]

Brandon Bellew

Survivorship Rights In Joint Bank Accounts

It is very common for an owner of a bank account to “add” someone to his/her account for personal convenience.   A typical reason that an individual will choose to add someone to a bank accounts is so that the added […]

Brandon Bellew

Know The Probate Rules To Keep Your Case Alive When The Defendant Dies

Civil litigators may think that the Florida Probate Code has nothing to do with their civil lawsuits, but when a party dies during the litigation, the probate statutes can greatly impact a civil case.  Picture this: the lawsuit has been […]

Brandon Bellew

Is My Interest In The Trust Protected From Creditors?

Generally, a creditor can reach a beneficiary’s interest in a non-discretionary trust to satisfy the beneficiary’s debts or obligations. However, a trust that is either a spendthrift trust or a discretionary trust, may offer significant protection from the beneficiaries’ creditors, […]