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Charles Samarkos

How Homeowners Can Avoid Big Headaches by First Vetting their Contractor

Over the years, we have seen homeowners, or homeowners-to-be, encounter a number of challenges to the construction of a new home or the renovation of an existing home. By being proactive and following some basic steps, you can minimize the […]

Zachary D. Messa

Games of Thrones Leak Met with Swift Action

Star India Private Limited, an Indian media and entertainment company and HBO distribution partner owned by 21stCentury Fox, announced the arrest of four individuals, three of which were associated with Prime Focus Technologies, its technology vendor who hosts and streams […]

Zachary D. Messa

Auction of Augusta National Green Jackets Halted

Augusta National Inc., successfully obtained an injunction against an auction house, Green Jacket Auctions, Inc., to prevent it from selling, among other things, Byron Nelson’s green jacket and the green jackets of two other club members.  Augusta National successfully argued […]

Zachary D. Messa

Intellectual Property Plays a Role in U.S.-China Trade Relations

An investigation into China’s intellectual property policies was launched by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The investigation was prompted by China’s policies that purportedly require foreign tech companies to turn over sensitive data and secrets in order to do business […]

Frank R. Jakes

Trademark Law as a Weapon Against Neo-Nazis

Imagine being a corporate executive awakening on Sunday morning to a Tsunami of media images of White Supremacists, KKK and Neo-Nazis embroiled in violent protests and, right there on the internet, newspapers, magazines and TV is your company’s trademark logo being worn […]

Mark Bentley

The Florida Land Use and Environmental Dispute Resolution Act Offers Landowners an Alternative to Litigation

State and local governments may deny or revoke various forms of property rights in certain circumstances, but these governments’ power to do so is subject to limitations. Oftentimes government oversteps its boundaries and issues unfair decisions regarding property rights. One […]

Brandon Bellew

How to Keep Your Case Alive When the Defendant Dies

Civil litigators may think that the Florida Probate Code has nothing to do with their civil lawsuits, but when a party dies during the litigation, the probate statutes can greatly impact a civil case. Picture this: the lawsuit has been […]

Mark Bentley

Changes to Laws in Florida Make It Easier for Restaurants and Movie Theaters to Sell Liquor

Recent changes to Florida’s liquor laws and related policies have eased up restrictions for restaurants and movie theaters to qualify and afford a full liquor license, especially for those businesses located in Hillsborough County, Florida. Florida alcoholic beverage laws generally […]

Michael Igel

Your Medical Practice Can Suddenly Become Illegal!

It was totally unexpected.  Dr. Jones—not yet in his sixties—was working out at his favorite gym when he suddenly keeled over and died. A massive heart blockage when he was doing a bench press. He dropped the weights and it […]